Designed to work with the technology of Bedgear performance pillows, the 5.0 Dri-Tec® performance pillow protector protects your pillow from stains and fluid damage in addition to wicking away heat and moisture to keep you cool and dry while you sleep.

The soft and flexible surface conforms to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders while the waterproof barrier won’t change the feel of your pillow.

The Air-X® ventilated panel ensures ambient breathable airflow to help cool the pillow core so you can sleep more restfully.



DRI-TEC® 5.0 FABRIC SURFACE – Our performance material wicks away heat and moisture to help you sleep cool and dry. Reducing heat trapped next to your body creates a restful night.

AIR-X® VENTILATED PANELS – Our 3D structure keeps air flowing, moving heat away from your head, neck and shoulders while maintaining ambient temperatures.

WATERPROOF BARRIER – Invisible barrier back will not affect the feel of your pillow


  • Jumbo/Queen 20” x 30” – Fits our personal performance pillows
  • King – 20” x 36”
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